Handling, logistics and end-of-production facilities

Handling, logistics and end-of-production facilities

The development of integrated solutions for handling and storage of goods allows meeting the ever increasing demands of just in time production and logistics.

Interventions can be realized onto new plants or during the revamping of pre-existing plants, using the latest technology when possible. A modern and efficient goods handling management and automation system results immediately in an optimization of activities and costs.

Working together with reliable suppliers of the mechanical parts is a necessary condition to succeed in having a perfectly working system.

Objectives of engineering and design are:

  • just in time goods going to the production and picking slots;
  • continuous materials inflow through weighting/monitoring/sorting stations.
  • client's orders sorting based on characteristics (volume, number and delivery date required) allows the flows optimization and an efficient use of resources.

Easing the flow of materials towards the correct stations (production/ assembly/ packaging/ sorting) makes the whole production process faster and more profitable.
The automated management of handling and the optimization of the logistics warehouse (better space usage in order to reduce processing times of orders) can be applied to any kind of warehouse, either physical or virtual.

Examples of automated warehouses:

  • Pallets warehouses
  • Containers warehouses
  • Drawer units warehouses
  • Custom made warehouses
  • Picking and end-of-production management

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