Trackability and traceability systems

Trackability and traceability systems

Tracking and tracing products both in production and logistics has become a necessary element in order to optimize all productive process and manage the "just in time" logistics.

Traceability is the ability to re-create the history of a product from the raw material supplier to the final product. An automated ID system must be created for all the elements of the plant.

The needs for traceability in the agribusiness are certainly different from the ones in the automotive industry, but an accurate tracing of raw materials and production and logistics phases is a fundamental condition for trackability. 

Total control on all products of a plant answers both to a call from transparency by consumers and a need of the business to intervene in an accurate way in order to reduce the economic impact and reputation damage if a product has to be recalled.

Elements for an effective traceability:

  • Management of small batches that allows identifying materials flows and activities that made up the final product production;
  • possibility to easily recall the product/batch, identifying and isolatiing the responsible thing, avoiding further eceonomic and image problems;
  • process standardization between businesses, suppliers, and mediators;
  • promotion of the brand name, transparency towards users means brand loyalty.

We deal with the integration of the vision system in the production process in order to harmonize data and make it available in the best way.

In the case of necessity of hardware changes needed to install vision systems, we offer our network and knowledge in order to find a suitable supplier for the missing parts.

Several solutions that can be implemented:

  • The connection of incoming raw materials with temporal, users and checks data.
  • Data gathering in nodal points such as quality and volume checks, people and machinery working
  • Warehouse status control and addition to handling system
  • Instant identification of damaged batches' suppliers
  • Processes automation and logistics

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